Without the genorosity of your donations our operations would cease to exist. For this we thank you. We offer once off payments here on the site however for those of you interested in donating regularly we offer another service where we take standing orders. Please see Recurring Donation form below for completion.

All cumulative donations to Christ The King totalling €250 in a calendar year are eligible for tax rebate. €250 is effectively increased to €362 at no extra cost to you.

Please contact the parish office for the form.

Once Off Donation

Follow the steps below to fill out the donation form below


Your Name

To process your payments we need the name on the front of your card

Your email address

If you wish to receive a receipt please enter your email address here

Card Details

Next we ask for your card details. The first number we ask for is the 16 digit code on the front of your card. The second is the expiry date on the front of your card and the third number is the 3 digit code on the back of your card

The Donation Amount

The amount you are generously donating is €5.

Recurring Donation

For Those Who Wish To Set Up A Recurring Donation Please See Below